Highlighted Projects

CPC is busy, and our crews are working hard and keeping us on schedule.  Keeping with that trend and momentum, our estimating team is constantly working to bid more projects to keep our employees hard at work now, and well into the future.

Interstate 5, Anlauf to Elkhead Road, Douglas County, Oregon, 2016 & 2017

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CPC, along with the Oregon Department of Transportation and other contractors is working to replace 7.4 miles of asphalt road surface of I-5 with concrete between the Elkhead Road interchange (Exit 154) and the Oregon 38 junction (Exit 162) in southwestern Oregon.

This stretch of I-5 was last paved in 1997 and has been repaired multiple times due to normal wear and tear. The new continuously-reinforced concrete surface will be two lanes, totaling 25 feet wide and is designed to last 50 years (35-40 years longer than an asphalt roadway would last). This project is scheduled in multiple phases to have minimum impact on travelers on I-5 and will conclude in summer, 2017. CPC has even upgraded our paver technology to allow for 25′ wide paving with variable cross-slopes, which cuts paving and curing time down by at least half, which will allow for a much earlier completion and return to normal traffic flow in record time.


Interstate 84 Durkee to Nelson Point, Old Oregon Trail Highway, Baker County, Oregon, 2016 

I-84 Durkee to Nelson Point

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CPC is working with Oregon Mainline Paving, LLC and the Oregon Department of Transportation to replace four miles of Interstate 84 from Durkee to Nelson Point in eastern Oregon.  CPC will install both single-lane and double-lane panels of continuously-reinforced concrete pavement to repair and extend the life of this stretch of interstate roadway, which has been in need of repair for quite some time.

Work on this project will be completed near the end of 2016.




Big Wood River Bridge, Blaine County, Idaho, 2016 & 2017

Big Wood River Bridge Replacement

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Concrete Placing Co., Inc. is in the process of replacing the bridge over the Big Wood River on State Highway 75 just north of St. Luke’s hospital in Blaine County, Idaho.

The three-lane bridge is being widened to four lanes and will ultimately have wider shoulders and a safety median to provide better and safer travel over the Big Wood River. There will also be an improved wildlife passage corridor  under the bridge to minimize encounters between animals and motor vehicles.






State Highway 97 & I-90 Overpass Replacement, Kootenai County, Idaho, 2016

SH-97 I-90 Overpass

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CPC is in the process of replacing the Interstate 90 Overpass Bridge at State Highway 97 in Kootenai County, Idaho. This will also include work on approaches at the overpass on SH-97.





Garden City to Americana Greenbelt, Garden City and Boise, Idaho, 2016.

Boise River Greenbelt Project Gallery

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CPC, with the Boise City Parks and Recreation Department and the Idaho Transportation Department, built a new phase of the Boise City Greenbelt between Garden City and Americana Boulevard on the south side of the Boise River.  This project was the last gap of Greenbelt to be constructed in the Boise City Limits and has given bicyclists and pedestrians a connection from Garden City to Boise on the south side of the river.

From Ann Morrison Park, the finished pathway goes underneath Americana Boulevard, follows the river under I-184, underneath Fairview Avenue and Main Street, and connects up to the Greenbelt at Joe’s Crab Shack in Garden City.  This improved the public’s connectivity and commuter opportunities between Garden City and Boise. Here CPC constructed new concrete greenbelt pathways, various retaining walls, and new access ramps to the Greenbelt at important commuting intersections.



Interstate 86, Raft River Interchange to Register Rock, Cassia and Power Counties, Idaho, 2016.

CPC replaced concrete pavement panels, resealed joints, repaired cracks and spalls, and performed shoulder grading on just over 12 miles of I-86, from milepost 14.8 to 27.1, Raft River to Register Rock, in Cassia and Power counties in southeastern Idaho.


Mormon Road and 500 East Bridge Concrete Pile Foundations, Camas County, Idaho, 2016.

CPC placed concrete pile caps at the Mormon Road Main Channel Bridge, Mormon Road Overflow Channel Bridge, and 500 East Road Bridge in Camas County, Idaho.  Click HERE to see pictures of the bridges before CPC began driving pile.


Upper Malad Bridge Replacement Project, Gooding County, Idaho, 2015.

CPC replaced Idaho Power Company’s Upper Malad Bridge, which spans the Malad River approximately 3.5 miles north of Hagerman, Idaho, in Gooding County. This bridge provides access to IPC’s Upper Malad Power Plant. CPC used in-river demolition and construction to remove the old timber deck structure in order to build a new precast concrete girder bridge across the river.  This new bridge was designed to support increased traffic required to perform the Upper Malad Turbine Replacement project.


Inkom Port of Entry Weigh-In-Motion, Bannock County, Idaho, 2016

CPC and several other contractors installed two weigh-in-motion facilities on I-15 northbound and southbound travel lanes. This Port Of Entry is outside of Inkom, Idahoand included concrete paving, asphalt approach work, permanent signing, and temporary traffic control.


I-84, Meridian Road Interchange, Meridian, Idaho, 2015.

I-84 Meridian Road Interchange

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CPC replaced the outdated I-84 interchange at Meridian Road with a new Single-Point Urban Interchange.  This new interchange has only begun to do its job in reducing traffic congestion, improving safety, and creating a fourth lane for traffic on I-84.  This design uses one single traffic signal in the middle of the interchange to direct all lanes of traffic, which increases efficiency and improves traffic flow and vehicle movement.

Now that we are finished, there are three through lanes for traffic in each direction on Meridian Road, I-84 has been widened to four lanes in each direction underneath the interchange, there are dual left-turn lanes on Meridian Road for each I-84 on-ramp, and new sidewalks and bicycle lanes on Meridian Road improve conditions for pedestrians and bicyclists as well.



I-84, Broadway Avenue Interchange, Boise, Idaho, 2015.

Broadway Interchange

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CPC, along with the Idaho Transportation Department and various subcontractors, replaced the I-84, Broadway Avenue Interchange in Boise, Idaho.  Like the Ten Mile, Meridian, and Vista interchanges, Broadway now has a Single-Point Urban Interchange (SPUI) at the I-84 exit.

Here, CPC built two new bridges, one for the Broadway Avenue Overpass and another over the Union Pacific Rail Road.  We also installed various interstate and ramp concrete paving, guardrail, retaining walls, and many other items that have given Boise an interchange that will serve traffic demands now and into the future.





.I-84, Gowen Road Interchange, Boise, Idaho, 2015.

I-84 Gowen Road Interchange

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CPC and Knife River Corporation replaced the I-84 Gowen Road Interchange along with another nearby Union Pacific Rail Road Bridge.  Though the basic layout and flow of the interchange remained the same, the new bridges allow for wider through lanes on Gowen Road and new lane and sidewalk improvements.  The enhanced bridge interchange has widened I-84 to three lanes of traffic between the Broadway and Gowen Exits, which has, in combination with the new interchanges at Broadway Avenue and Meridian Road, improved traffic conditions for tens of thousands of drivers in the Treasure Valley every day.




.I-84 Kamela Interchange – Second Street Under-crossing, La Grande, Oregon, 2015

La Grande Oregon Gallery

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CPC, in association with the Oregon Department of Transportation and other contractors, helped to rehabilitate a 13-mile stretch of Oregon’s Interstate 84 between Exit 246 and the Second Street under-crossing in La Grande at mile post 260.2.  As part of this project, CPC placed concrete in the outside lanes of the freeway and built a westbound truck climbing lane along the Spring Creek grade – a notorious bottleneck due to the slow speeds of commercial vehicles climbing the very steep 6% hill.  Replacing the previous asphalt traffic lanes with concrete have also allowed for 35 years or more of useful life of the road surface, which is a vast improvement over the 8 years asphalt usually lasts.




.State Highway 16 Boise River Bridge, North Stage, Meridian, Idaho.

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CPC built a new bridge across the Boise River as part of the SH-16 Boise River Bridge North Stage project in Ada County, Idaho.  This is but one of three phases of work that will ultimately connect State Street (ID-44) to Chinden Boulevard, opening a new traffic corridor and offering relief for some of the highway congestion in Idaho’s Treasure Valley.  This is part of the Central Valley Expressway’s plan to extend SH 16 all the way to I-84, opening up an important corridor of commerce between Emmett, Idaho, and I-84.

Find out more about this extension at the Central Valley Expressway’s Information Page.



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State Highway 16 Phyllis Canal Bridge, Meridian, Idaho, 2014.

As another part of the Central Valley Expressway’s ongoing extension of SH-16, CPC constructed a crossing of the Phyllis Canal and developed the roadways connecting to it.  This bridge is part of a new road from the south end of the Boise River crossing to Chinden Boulevard (U.S. 20/26).





Kalispell Bypass, US-93 Alternative, Kalispell, Montana



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In the Flathead Valley of Montana, CPC, working with the Montana Department of Transportation and Schellinger Construction, built a bypass allowing travelers and traffic on US-93 to avoid having to travel directly through the town of Kalispell, Montana.  Starting at US-93, south of Kalispell, the bypass curves around the west side of the city and rejoins US-93 north of town.  This bypass allows highway traffic to avoid the congestion and traffic concerns associated with traveling through the heart of a city.  CPC built the intersection of US-93 and West Reserve Drive, where the bypass rejoins US-93 north of Kalispell.

Find out more about this project at the Kalispell Bypass Homepage.


Meridian Split Corridor, Phase 2

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CPC, along with Central Paving, constructed two concrete intersections in Meridian, Idaho – one at Meridian Road and Cherry Lane, and another at Main Street and Fairview Avenue.  These intersections see 25,000-30,000 vehicles on an average day and were in great need of a concrete upgrade.  As part of this project, CPC widened Meridian Road from two to five lanes between Franklin Road and Cherry Lane, thereby alleviating traffic congestion on this major artery of the City of Meridian.



State Highway 44, Linder Road to Ballantyne Lane

State and Linder

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CPC reconstructed and expanded SH-44 between Linder Road and Ballantyne Road to five lanes, as well as Linder Road both north and south of its intersection with the highway.  The intersection itself has been reconfigured to ease traffic concerns, traffic signals were upgraded, and there are now two through lanes, two left turn lanes, and one right turn lane in each direction.  The SH-44 canal crossing here was also expanded.




Interstate 84:  Cotterell Rest Area Reconstruction, Idaho, 2013.

Cotterell Rest AreaTo better serve the ever-growing number of travelers using Interstate 84, CPC reconstructed this rest area to accommodate projected growth over the next 25 years.  As part of the project, CPC replaced sidewalks and pedestrian ramps to meet Americans With Disabilities Act compliance, assisted in the demolishing and constructing of new buildings, and reconstructed the on- and off-ramps serving the rest area and the Port of Entry.





Interstate 84 / U.S. Highway 93 Interchange, Stage 2

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CPC was part of the team that reconstructed and realigned the eastbound on- and off-ramps connecting I-84 and U.S. 93 just North of Twin Falls, Idaho.  Along with replacing the existing overpass bridge with a longer, wider structure, CPC increased the vertical clearance to improve safety and provide standard over-height vehicles easier passage through this interchange.  As part of this project, three miles of eastbound on-ramps were added, one mile of I-84 was reconstructed, and U.S. 93 was widened near this important travel hub.  A utility corridor was also provided, along with space for a bike/pedestrian path, and there is now additional room for longer turning movements for trucks.

Find out more about this project in this article by the Times News.


Hubbard Bridge #345

CPC replaced the Hubbard bridge over the New York Canal near Ten Mile Creak Road in Ada County, Idaho.  The new bridge is wider and higher than the old bridge and is designed and built in anticipation of further widening in the future.  This project was completed in April 2013.


Interstate 84 – North Fork Jacobsen Gulch

CPC worked with the Oregon Department of Transportation to repair and resurface 10-miles of Interstate 84 between the North Fork Jacobsen Gulch and the Idaho border.  This project, in Ontario, Oregon, consisted of three phases:  a silica fume overlay on the eastbound Malhuer River Bridge; several miles of paving on I-84; and repaving of an off-ramp from the interstate.


State Highway 16 & State Highway 44 Interchange

CPC performed much-needed bridge deck rehabilitation and guardrail replacement at this important junction of SH-16, SH-52, and SH-44.  All work took place in Ada and Gem counties.


Interstate 84, Ten Mile IC to Meridian IC Reconstruction

CPC played a critical role in this fast track project to reconstruct both east- and westbound lanes on heavily traveled Interstate 84 in Boise, Idaho. CPC was responsible for the concrete median barrier, the concrete paving, and modifying both overpass structures to accommodate added lanes of traffic. Modifications included excavation and a soil nail wall to allow for a traveling lane between the abutment and pier at the Meridian Road interchange. Other modifications included protection of the existing overpass piers at both Meridian and Ten Mile Roads.

In addition to the structural work, CPC paved approximately 143,000 square yards of Portland cement concrete pavement in two planned phases. CPC was responsible for the manufacture of 45,000 cubic yards of concrete as part of this project.

This work was an Idaho Transportation Department GARVEE-funded project. It has made a significant difference to local commuters from the west end of the Treasure Valley.


US Highway 2, Havre, Montana

CPC was the subcontractor responsible for 85,536 square meters of 230 mm plain doweled concrete pavement through the city limits of Havre along existing route US Highway 2.  The project involved reconstruction of approximately 2.4 miles of roadway and included 2 lanes in each direction with center turn lanes and shoulder parking.  The work has greatly improved travel for travelers to and from Canada along with motorists along Montana’s Hi-Line (as US-2 is called by the locals).